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Precision router base for luthier / inlay work - 38.00 GBP

Excellent Precision height Adjustable Base. All Parts machined from Stainless steel, Aluminium & Brass. High Carbon Steel Springs. This is a must for anybody wanting fine control on the depth of their dremel router work.

Each full turn of the brass adjustment screws gives 0.75mm depth. The blue tubing that is not included, shows how the optional fitting of a fish tank type air pump & tube can blow dust away from the cutting area. Through a hole directed towards the tools cutting tip, via an angled hole underneath the body.
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Dremel precision router base adjustable circle cutter - 37.00 GBP

Designed to fit the Precision router base, for routing rosette channels and cutting out sound holes. Will cut from 3inch to 7inch diameters and is micro adjustable. Made from High quality materials. This makes the job so much less hassle to complete.
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Dremel precision router base edge guide for luthier inlay / binding - 27.00 GBP

This tool is designed especially to fit the Dremel Precise router base. Its primary use is for routing the binding channels on guitars. The fine adjustment screw for the roller, enables the user to make small adjustments to the depth of a rebate which is a must to get a good gap free binding job.

Made from top quality materials. The screws to attach it to the base and the Allen keys are included.
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Brace repair jack 7.00 GBP

Single Brace Repair Jack.
These easy to use jacks have nylon feet, one is flat and the other shaped to straddle a brace. The jack height adjusts from 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches (88mm to 140mm) and adjust via an easy to use knurled barrel.

Made in high quality materials these braces will find many uses in a busy repair shop
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